Who we are

VISION TO CHANGE THE WORLD INTERNATIONAL (VCW)  was created on 21 August 2009 in Uganda by the General Assembly of Founding Members. It is recognized as being of public interest by the administrative institutions of the countries in which VCW operates. Its mission is Humanitarian Relief and Development. VCW works to improve the living conditions of populations in post-conflict areas, natural disasters, forgotten crises and rural and urban areas at risk of food vulnerability and other basic human development needs.

VCW aims to stabilize, rehabilitate and reintegrate victims of natural and human disasters in times of crisis, also promote socio-economic integration of vulnerable people within communities in crisis and post-cries situations.

More specifically, VCW works around the world to:
Protecting and promoting Human Rights (DH) and International Humanitarian Law (IHL) ;

  • Rehabilitate populations traumatized by the crisis through humanitarian aid.
  • Promote peace and integration in post-conflict communities.
  • Rebuilding and planning post-conflict space.
  • Fight against violence against women, girls and children.
  • Support Income Generating Activities (IGAs) within communities on the basis of initiatives and community participation.
  • Mobilize resources and store food and non-food for the preparation of a possible disaster.
  • Encourage children and youth for education and educational advancements.

“Touching the World”


For a better and peaceful world without famine, conflicts, poverty, ignorance and diseases.


To save lives, alleviate suffering, empower and maintain human dignity during and in the aftermath of conflicts and disasters through emergency relief actions with specific focus on women and children.


Stabilize and reintegrate victims of natural and manmade disasters in times of crisis and promote economic integration of vulnerable people in communities in crisis. To stabilize, to rehabilitate and to reintegrate the victims of the natural and human disasters in period of crisis, also to promote the social and economic integration of the vulnerable people within the communities in crisis and post crisis.

  • To protect and promote human rights of victims of conflicts
  • To preserve and defend human dignity through women empowerment and conflict resolution.
  • To alleviate poverty through economic empowerment of vulnerable groups including women and youth.
  • To protect lives through immunizations, vaccinations and primary health care.
  • To work with International and local humanitarian organizations, government organizations and private sector partners to provide support to elevate the quality of life.