VCW Core Values

  1. Independent

    VCW acts on its own principles to maintain its financial, ethical and moral obligations. The actions of VCW are not for the benefit of a particular government, tribes, race, and individual. VCW operates purely humanitarian basis.

  2. Neutral

    VCW Maintains political and religious neutrality. Denounces the violence requires human rights as obstacles hampering humanitarian action.

  3. Non discriminative

    Victim is a victim, so VCW refuses any discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, opinion or social class.
    Free and direct access to victims
    VCW calls for open access to victims and direct control of its programs, while exploiting the legal means available to achieve its goals and accomplish its missions.

  4. Accountable

    VCW accesses and verifies, in collaboration with donor and recipient agencies, the allocation of resources to ensure that these have lasting or permanent impacts on beneficiaries or communities.

  5. Professional

    VCW is based on its design, management, implementation and evaluation of its implementation programs on purely professional standards, based on the international monitoring systems and the PROJECT, for maximum efficiency and judicious use of resources SPHERE as ” minimum standard “.

  6. Transparent

    VCW is committed to a total transparency policy in governments, donors, beneficiaries and rigorously encourage the availability of information upon request of partners for verification.